We are a professional renovation contractor with years of experience in the industry. We have helped countless homeowners renovate their homes successfully, and we can do the same for you. We offer material cost savings, interior design consultations, and construction services from the best professionals in the business – everything you need to make your renovation project a success.

Our services include personalized work with an interior designer to give you the opportunity to discuss your plan for reno, materials that you want to use, and work on your initial concept. After touching bases we will finalize the look and work on finding the required materials and fixtures. You have a choice of adding a 3D rendering service, which gives you an opportunity to virtually see the final look of your space. The next step would be production. Also note, that we don’t start renovations until all items are in stock online and/or get shipped, to ensure that you won’t have to live through extensive renovations. We try to do your renovation as fast as we can with minimum interruption to your daily life. You have an opportunity to reasonably negotiate the hours of our contractors to fit your schedule. We can take on any complexity of the project, meaning that a lot of items can be custom-made/ordered. One of the conveniences that we offer is a one-stop solution. One option gives you an opportunity to work with our suppliers and have everything custom picked for you, another, is for us to perform solely labour so you have full control and responsibility for buying all materials and design execution elements. Now, let us do our magic.

At this busy time we are not able to come to your home to give an estimate, so please use our online request form and add as much details as possible to create an accurate quote. We value your time and hope it is only fare if you value ours in return. If you cannot do  measurements yourself or prefer to get someone to come to your house to discuss your project in more details before committing to our services, we can provide initial consultation and/or measurement services for a fee that will be credited towards your balance on the overall project cost.

How does designer renovation with fixed price sound? We created ready-made solutions to make a beautiful and high-quality renovation without stress and budget issues. You will know exactly what you get and how much it will cost.



Layout consultation.
If you're thinking about renovation, want to apply for an addition permit, or even thinking of changing just your hardwood, don't do any 10K+ investment in your home before exploring all your options and having a solid plan. At Design By Us, we offer Layout consultation. We take your space measurements and create CAD drawings to show you 2-3 layout proposals, including furniture placement. We'll discuss different options with you to get the best plan for you and help maximize your space. Consider it an introductory to our further services. You will be blown away by how much more we offer to our clients.


Revitalize your home, one room at a time, with our exceptional room-by-room home renovation service. At our company, we understand that each room has its own unique purpose and character, and we're here to help you bring out the best in every space.

Whether you're looking to transform your outdated kitchen into a culinary masterpiece, create a luxurious oasis in your bathroom, or craft a stylish and functional home office, our expert team is ready to turn your vision into reality.

Don't wait any longer to transform your home one room at a time. Contact us today and let us bring your dream spaces to life. Experience the difference of our exceptional room-by-room home renovation service and create a home you'll truly love.


Looking to renovate your home but not sure where to start? Right.Development construction company is here to help. We'll work with you from the very beginning, helping you to shape your ideas and find budget-friendly solutions. We'll make sure that all materials are purchased ahead of time so there are no delays, and then we'll get to work on the renovation itself.

We're committed to completing the job as quickly as possible, and we'll always have a solid plan in place so that everything runs smoothly. Once the renovation is complete, we'll take care of all the finishing touches. So whether you're looking for a brand-new kitchen or a more polished living room, we can help you achieve your vision. Contact us today to get started!


Discover the artistry and functionality of our custom cabinet service. Our construction company delivers tailor-made cabinets that perfectly suit your style and needs. Collaborate with our design team, select the finest materials, and experience meticulous craftsmanship. From concept to installation, we ensure a seamless and personalized experience. Enhance your space with our exceptional custom cabinets today.

Elevate your space with our unparalleled custom cabinet service. Experience craftsmanship at its finest and transform your vision into reality. Don't settle for ordinary, hire us today and unlock the extraordinary.